"I am a regular user of Odyssey . . . The most useful package I have ever purchased."

David Neill - Head of Chemistry Canford School

"I have found Odyssey to be an excellent teaching aid, and the students really enjoy using it"

Dr. Ian Wardell - Spalding High School

"I use Odyssey on a regular basis to bring up structures on the whiteboard for my pupils. This is faster than using modeling kits. The fact that in many cases the model can been shown in a number of different forms, e.g. space filling, ball and stick, etc., as well as the function to show the structure as a solid, liquid, or gas, and how the structure is moving, really brings the kinetic model of matter alive. There is so much that Odyssey can do, that two to three sentences do not do it justice. I thoroughly recommend Odyssey Matter in Motion."

Mike Summers, Head of Science and Chemistry, Ashford School

"Odyssey is without a doubt the best A level support resource I use on a regular basis. The tutorials are particularly useful for independent learning and lesson planning and the modelling software gives superb conceptual support throughout GCSE and A level. A truly useful and gimmick-free resource."

Fergus Hegarty, Head of Chemistry ,Cramlington Learning Village

"Odyssey software provides comprehensive and authentic simulations of the movement of matter. It allows students to look in depth at the interactions between particles and is an excellent tool with which to explore and learn about structure and bonding in chemistry."

Derek Denby - Education Consultant