Odyssey is a new software program for teaching and learning A-level Chemistry. It uses a combination of compelling 3D molecular models, interactive tutorials and guided molecular modelling exercises to help student with the majority of topics in A-level chemistry. No other chemistry title offers such a scientifically sound and fascinating insight into the molecular world. Odyssey's expertly written interactive tutorials make it ideal for independent study, whilst the 3D models and modelling feature make it valuable for teacher demonstration.

The video (right) will show you what Odyssey offers:
What do you get with Odyssey?

  • 150 guided interactive tutorials for Advanced Chemistry, supplemented with printable worksheets
  • A library of over 1000 compelling 3D molecular systems vibrating and colliding in stunning realistic motion
  • An intuitive molecule modelling tool with 21 step-by-step guided tutorials for building common molecules.
  • Odyssey's models are real-time simulations so you can change parameters and plot quantities - such as speed distributions

What are the benefits of using Odyssey?

  • Odyssey's 3D visualisations help students understand many tricky A-level concepts
  • It provides an engaging and enjoyable way to learn - this will motivate students
  • The molecular modelling feature and guided tutorials are and excellent way to learn about structure
  • It is easy to use, and the course mappings make it easy to find relevant resources
  • It is ideal for gifted and talented students who are striving for the new A-Star grade
"I use Odyssey on a regular basis to bring up structures on the whiteboard for my pupils. This is faster than using modeling kits. The fact that in many cases the model can been shown in a number of different forms, e.g. space filling, ball and stick, etc as well as the function to show the structure as a solid, liquid, or gas, and how the structure is moving, really brings the kinetic model of matter alive. There is so much that Odyssey can do, that two to three sentences do not do it justice. I thoroughly recommend Odyssey Matter in Motion."
Mike Summers, Head of Science and Chemistry, Ashford School
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